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Carli's Home Studio



Carli’s home studio is a safe, creative space for students to enhance their artistic abilities.


We cater for students between 5 to 12 years

old teaching curriculum that is catered to the individual and promotes fun, experimentation, skill development and above all,

self confidence.

We provide a wide range of materials and mediums including; acrylics, watercolours, pastels, collage, clay and much more, to let

your child’s imagination soar.

At Carli’s home studio we believe all children are artists at heart and with a little encouragement to explore, make mistakes,

and try new things, our aim is to develop passionate, confident creators.


If you are not a creator, you’re a consumer

Elisabeth Gilbert

Carli Wilson has both a Bachelor of Fine Art

and Bachelor of Early Childhood Education.


Carli has taught in schools for ten years and is also a practicing artist.


Carli’s passionate that art is essential to children’s development and is a vital means of self expression and the growth of self confidence and identity.

What We Do

Please note this is not a 'craft' class.


Students will be building skills in all areas of art; drawing, sculpture, painting, collage and mixed media.


Lessons begin with some art history; an insight into an artist or a particular technique or medium, then the subject matter is student driven.


Carli believes her job as an art teacher is to facilitate children's vision of what they wish to create in a relaxed, supportive environment.


They can safely express their feelings and emotions  through their chosen medium.




Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. 3:30 to 4:30. Maximum of 6 per class.

The cost of a ten week term is $250 including all materials.

Join us anytime throughout the term.

Call Carli for a

free trial!



Carli Wilson Art

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